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wagnetic ([personal profile] wagnetic) wrote2012-10-29 09:45 am

Dear Secret Mutant

 First of all, thank you! I'm so excited to see what you end up making!

I think it's probably apparent, but I feel like I should agknowledge that the prompt I'm most invested in is the first one (the d/s one). That said, I'll of course be delighted with whatever you end up going with! Any rating is fine, of course, though I will admit a preference for M or E fics.

So, likes and dislikes...

  • Happy or at least hopeful endings (This is a big one for me. I have no problem with angst in the story, but it makes me too sad if it ends on an unhappy note.)
  • Cuddling or just being physically close to one-another
  • Comfort/caretaking
  • Domesticity
  • Character study
  • D/S (particularly sub!Erik)
  • Begging
  • Enthusiastic consent
  • Fluff
  • Family fics
  • Focus on a character's mindset
  • Dub-con/non-con (This is another big one, though non-explicit references to/memories of this or pretty much any kind of trauma is alright)
  • Abuse (again, it's alright if this is non-explicit and in the past)
  • Humiliation

And I think that pretty much covers it! I'm not sure what the rules about this are, but as long as it's not against the rules, you can leave me an anonymous message on Tumblr if you have anything you'd like to ask me. My username is wagnetic there, too.
Thanks again! <3