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wagnetic ([personal profile] wagnetic) wrote2014-09-12 03:46 pm

Vid ideas (that I can't do)

I wish I knew how to do fanvids! I was listening to music on the bus yesterday and playing the Everything Is due South game, and I decided that Little Lion Man could be great for a vid where Ray K realizes how many times he's crossed the line with Stella post-divorce. I guess most of the vid would be examples of that and shots of him looking upset or pensive, but then the part that has the "aaah-aaaaaah-aaaaaaaaah" vocals and no percussion would be him thinking about how much he loved/loves her, especially with the shots of them dancing. I also think that one of the times where the beat goes "thunk! thunk! thunk!" (I have no idea how to express music in words) would be a good time for that bit in Strange Bedfellows where he's hitting the steering wheel. But alas, I have no vidding abilities! I don't even know how gifs work.