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Hi all!

We had a glitch with the AO3 collection but sign-ups seem to be working properly now.  If you had trouble earlier, please try again!  Thanks for your patience!
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Welcome to due South Seekrit Santa 2017!

Signups are now open, so grab your due South love and get ready to figure out what you can offer and what you'd like to request.

This gift exchange is being run through the Archive Of Our Own, so please read all the rules and the FAQ, which will explain how to register. If anything is unclear, please email dsss dot admin at gmail dot com.

If you don't have an account at AO3, please email dsss dot admin at gmail dot com for an invite.

The deadline for registration is Friday 13 Oct 2017 11:59AM CDT! Mods will post a signup reminder or two, with a final reminder 12 hours before the deadline. Once the deadline passes, registration will be closed and late registrations will not be accepted.

In the interest of simplicity, all deadlines are per US Central Time, aka Chicago Time.  To keep track of when deadlines are in your time zone, you may find it helpful to add
FoxClocks to your Firefox add-ons, or bookmark the world clock.

Two adjustments to the rules this year:

1) We are requiring everyone to make 2 separate requests (increased from previous years’ minimum of 1).

2) If you default on your assignment (that is, do not complete it by the deadline AND do not contact the mods before the deadline), you will not be allowed to participate in dSSS next year.

This is the comm to watch for ongoing administrative announcements, beta and pinch-hit volunteer posts, and fun stuff like the "guess the creators" game; all announcements will be mirrored to the duesouthseekritsanta Tumblr group.

Your mods this year are
[personal profile] desireearmfeldt,[personal profile] ride_4ever, and[personal profile] squidgiepdx.

Please feel free to repost this information far and wide!

ETA: We're still seeing a bug in the AO3 sign-up sheet that we've had in the past and don't know how to fix: in the Requests panel, Relationships section, if you click on the button to view all the relationships, it shows you all the characters instead.  Auto-complete still works fine, you can still enter relationships in the text box.  But for some reason, the list is not viewable.
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This is the Secret Empire story I was trying to finish before Omega came out. Here it is anyway!

Retrograde (9085 words) by Sineala
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Marvel (Comics), Marvel 616, Avengers (Comics)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Steve Rogers/Tony Stark
Characters: Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, Janet Van Dyne
Additional Tags: Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Crying, Consequences, Confessions, Implied/Referenced Rape/Non-con, Fix-It of Sorts, Hopeful Ending, Civil War II (Marvel), Secret Empire (Marvel), Avengers Vol. 7 (2017), Community: cap_ironman, Cap-Ironman Bingo
Summary:After Hydra falls, Tony wakes. The world is broken. And Steve won't talk to him anymore.

I am counting this for the Cap-IM Bingo square "confession in desperate situation." There are definitely confessions. Also tears.

Yay. Back to the fanfiction mines. *opens Big Bang draft again*

Wednesday Reading Meme

Sep. 13th, 2017 04:11 pm
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What I Just Finished Reading

Nothing! Because I was trying to write a Secret Empire story before Omega came out today and I didn't quite make it. (Okay, I finished the story itself. But it's still in beta.)

What I'm Reading Now

Comics Wednesday! Reviews are brief; I am tired.

Defenders #5, Generations Captain Marvel And Captain Mar-Vell #1, Ms. Marvel #22, Runaways #1, Secret Empire Omega #1, Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #24, Uncanny Avengers #27, X-Men Blue #11 )

What I'm Reading Next

Dunno. Probably nothing.
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My sister sent this to me. One of her students sent it to her. It didn't really tell me anything I didn't already know... but it does spell it out in a nicely graphical way.

political leanings of publications

(no subject)

Sep. 8th, 2017 04:46 am
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I made a new Drabble prompt comm. Come play and feel free to pimp.

Anything Drabble comm on lj

Anything Drabble comm on dw
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