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So Dreamwidth is a thing/general life updates

I'm hoping I'll remember to be more active here than I was on LJ? Though this does seem unlikely, stranger things have happened, etc.

Things that have happened since last time I posted on LJ, unless I'm remembering wrong:

1- I finished my first year at my new school and I'm 2 semesters closer to finishing undergrad. Just three left to go! I went out with a bang, since I had some peanut-contaminated food at the dining hall and had to go to the hospital because of anaphylaxis. Arwyn and Hereeatthiskitten came and kept me company and a hospital visit is much better when it doubles as a due South watch party!

2- The course of steroids I had to take after said hospital visit sped up the slow-motion mental health trainwreck that was going on in the last semester, which is unfortunate, but also kind of a blessing. I was diagnosed with OCD, which is really obvious in retrospect but I didn't know about the moral scrupulosity sub-type and the majority of my compulsions are mental, so obviously other people don't see me doing them. Having the right diagnosis gives me a lot of hope for having the right treatment!

3. Today will be the start of my first week of intensive outpatient treatment. Monday-Friday I have three hours of treatment, plus homework to do between sessions. The closest program to home is in Sacramento, so I'm staying in the house the center owns during the week and coming home on weekends. I hate going new places, but I've really settled in here and I really like my housemates! Plus I get to take the train to and from Sacramento, and I looooove the train :)

3.5. The first week was primarily settling in and doing cognitive work, but this week will be the start of the exposures. ERP (exposure and response prevention) therapy is basically "purposefully put yourself in situations that make you feel bad, don't engage in your compulsions, and feel horrible until your body/brain gives up on the anxiety response" which is as rough as it sounds but it's also the most effective therapy for OCD. I'm simultaneously excited and horrified to get started. Also curious about how you can prevent yourself from doing mental compulsions, because they feel like something that just happens to me? I'm looking forward to learning about that.

4. Fannish stuff! I am actually doing it, though I haven't had the spare energy for awhile. I'm in the middle of writing the first draft of a fic I'm pretty excited about, though I got a little discouraged and lost steam on that one. I also started this school AU that was pestering me and became more ambitious than I meant for it to be. Then there's the very ambitious touch-starved!Fraser fic that I've only worked on in my head so far. Basically, all my projects have gotten kind of long and complicated. I'm hoping to polish off some older, less complex stuff and write some more drabbles/ficlets until I've got the spoons to work on those!

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Keeping this to a quick hug 'cause I'm at work and can't stay online long for now.

Glad to see you here, and will be back to comment more later.